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Residential Lighting Services In Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX

Professional LED Installation & Maintenance For Your Home

Whether for adding safety or creating a place to enjoy your property after daylight fades, when your Dallas-Fort Worth home is in need of a better source of lighting, Certified Landscape Lighting has you covered! With our top-of-the-line LED light products, we can create a well-lit space to entertain your guests or relax and unwind after a long week. To make sure we are meeting your exact needs, we'll work with you to create a design that meets the specific needs of your home environment. At Certified Lights, your satisfaction is important to us. That's why we offer free onsite lighting demonstrations. To schedule your free demo and for more information, reach out to us today!

Adding Safety & Enjoyment To Your Home

Here at Certified Landscape Lighting, our team of technicians understands that every home is different and requires a different lighting design plan to fit the standards of that specific property. If you need landscape lighting to brighten up an outdoor area and add spark to entertain your friends and family, we'll happily walk you through the options you have with our LED light products, and then implement a design plan to make it happen. On the other hand, if you need a light product that will give your property extra safety and enhanced security, we have just what you’re looking for. We understand how important safety is for you and your home, which is why we provide long-lasting outdoor LED lights.

In addition to the safety and enjoyment that the LED lights that we use provide, our lighting products are great for reducing energy waste and electric bills!

  • LED lights leave behind a smaller carbon footprint
  • Our LED lights help lower the cost of your energy bill
  • LED lights provide better quality of light distribution and better focus

If you're looking for quality lighting services for your residential property, the lighting experts at Certified Lights are more than happy to provide a design plan specifically for you. And in addition to providing quality services and products, we also understand how important customer service is. That's why we go out of our way to ensure your satisfaction. Paying attention to detail, communicating with you to find the perfect design plan for your home, and making sure you are satisfied with our LED lighting products is just another part of how we ensure quality customer service for all of the Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners that choose to partner with us. So whether you're looking for landscaping lighting to improve the appearance of your property or outdoor lighting services to light up the exterior of your home, partnering with us at Certified Landscape Lighting is the ideal solution!

How Our LED Lighting Services Work

As professional lighting technicians, our job here at Certified Lights is to provide, install, and maintain the landscape lighting design you want for your home. However, to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for, we must work with you to create a plan that fits the unique layout of your property's landscape.

A typical appointment with us is scheduled when we receive a call from a homeowner in need of our LED lighting services. As soon as we receive a call, we'll schedule an appointment to come out and meet with you to discuss what you're looking for from your LED lighting design plan. During the appointment, one of our technicians will walk with you around your property and help you create a customized design to fit the specific layout of your home and property.

When our technicians receive a call, they'll schedule an appointment to come visit your property at a date and time that works for you. Whether you want our LED lighting products for added safety, entertainment, or relaxation, we are eager to provide you with a design plan that fits your needs accordingly!

A typical appointment with one of our technicians here at Certified Landscape Lighting will include:

  • A tour around your property will be conducted to discuss what you’d like to see from your home LED lighting design and the best places for installation.
  • Once a design plan has been established and agreed upon, we will recommend the LED products that would best fit the needs of your property and lighting plan.
  • After your design plan has been agreed upon, a quote for the installation and maintenance of your specific LED lighting design will be supplied.


When it comes to the safety of you and your property, proper lighting after dark is important. Our LED lights are energy-efficient and produce better quality lighting distribution than most other bulbs. Here at Certified Landscape Lighting we understand how important safety is, which is why we only provide the brightest and most long-lasting LED lights available. If you’d like a designed lighting plan to increase the safety of your property, contact us!


The right landscape lighting can turn a plain, outdoor patio into a fun activity space that you can enjoy with your friends and family! With the LED lighting products from Certified Landscape Lighting, you can create a space that can be used for entertaining and overall enjoyment. Whether you want a simple lighting design or one that is more complex, Certified Lights has what you need to make your outdoor space an enjoyable entertaining area!


We’ve already covered safety and entertainment. What else can you create with an LED lighting design from Certified Landscape Lighting? There are many possibilities, one of which is a relaxing environment. Everyone deserves a time of rest after a hard day at work or at the end of a stressful week. And with one of our customized lighting plans, our team at Certified Lights can help you achieve this by creating a peaceful space where you can relax.

Quality Lighting Designs To Meet Your Every Need

Whether you’re interested in creating a space that promotes safety in your everyday life, makes the perfect place to entertain guests, or adds a little extra relaxation to your life, Certified Lights has it all! And our team wants to provide you with the quality and energy-efficient lighting design you deserve. To get started, give us a call at (972) 992-7636!

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