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Dallas, TX Lighting Services

Quality Services For Dallas Home & Business Owners

As a modern and well-known metro here in Texas, Dallas is an area that is rich in history and art. One of the many needs both homeowners and business owners share is the need for a professional lighting design plan. In an area so full of artistic themes, it’s only common sense to add an artistic or practical LED lighting design to your property. In addition, the right lighting can create an area for entertainment or relaxation as well as added safety. Our experts here at Certified Landscape Lighting are dedicated to giving your home or business that added flourish so you can get out and enjoy your outdoor amenities. To get started creating your LED light design, reach out to us at Certified Lights!

Residential Lighting Services In Dallas, TX

Your home is meant to be a place that you can enjoy and feel comfortable, whether you want it to be somewhere you can entertain guests or simply a place to relax. Here at Certified Landscape Lighting provides, we provide LED lighting designs for homeowners who are looking for a way to make their outdoor areas more fun, relaxing, and safe. With our customizable lighting designs, we are able to fit the specific and unique layout of your property. Our professional lighting technicians are dedicated to meeting your satisfaction. Additionally, we provide a lifetime warranty on all of the LED lights that we provide. Get started making your home and property a place to enjoy time with your friends and family by choosing us at Certified Lights for all of your indoor/outdoor LED lighting design, installation, and maintenance needs!

To learn more information about the lighting services that we provide or the specific lighting products that we utilize, give us a call at (972) 992-7636 today!

Why Turn To A Professional For Lighting Services In Dallas, Texas

While it may seem like a fun idea to go the DIY route when creating your own lighting design plan for your home or business, it is always better to turn to the professionals for your lighting needs. Here at Certified Landscape Lighting, we work hard and communicate with you to ensure that we provide exactly what you're looking for from your LED lighting design. As an experienced lighting company here in Dallas, we know the ins and outs of creating quality designs that both home and business owners will enjoy as well as the more technical side of how our LED lights will work with the layout and infrastructure of your property. Our technicians possess all of the tools and skills it takes to install and maintain a customized lighting design, which is easier and more efficient than DIY methods. So if you’re thinking about creating a lighting design for your property, turn to us!

Commercial Lighting Services In Dallas, TX

The primary goal of any business in any industry is the growth of the company and the satisfaction of the customers that walk through their doors. However, in order to interest people enough to enter your business, you must stand out amongst your competitors. And one of the best ways to encourage more customers to visit your establishment is to create an environment that they find appealing and enjoyable. With a professional LED lighting design plan from Certified Landscape Lighting, you can prompt increased customer enjoyment as well as attract new customers to your business. Additionally, our LED designs are more energy-efficient and cost-effective than other lighting plans, which can greatly reduce the cost of your energy bill. For quality commercial lighting designs and customer service, contact the Texas lighting specialists here at Certified Lights!

Lighting Design Services Available In Dallas, Texas

Here at Certified Landscape Lighting, we specialize in creating customized residential and commercial designs to fit the specific layout of your property. To create the perfect environment for your home, business, or property, we provide lighting services for properties that need extra security after dark, added entertainment capabilities for guests, and a more relaxing atmosphere after a long week. At Certified Lights, we use only LED light products to reduce your energy bill as well as the carbon footprint we leave behind!
We service both homes and businesses in need of lighting designs, with all forms of lighting techniques, including:

  • Cross lighting
  • Shadowing
  • Silhouetting
  • Focal point lighting
  • Grazing
  • Path lighting
  • And more!

To give your Dallas, TX property the proper lighting design that it deserves, partner with the lighting experts here at Certified Landscape Lighting to create a design plan for your home or business! Our team of certified lighting technicians would be happy to work with you to meet your lighting needs and create the perfect environment for your property!

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