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Commercial Landscape Lighting In Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX

Commercial Lighting Designs For Your Business

With over twelve years of professional lighting experience, Certified Landscape Lighting has a reputation for providing businesses with great customer service and high-quality lighting products. Installing LED lights on your property can enhance the environment of your business and create a more inviting appeal for your guests. And when you partner with us at Certified Lights, you get the best industry LED products available. We work closely with manufacturers to bring you the newest and most advanced lighting technology available to ensure that your business stands out from your competitors. If you want a bright new addition to your business, consider us for your lighting needs!

How Our Lighting Services Work

Providing your customers and employees with a pleasant experience is an important part of any business, including ours. With the help of our trained technicians at Certified Lights, you can add our LED lighting products to your property and give customers a business experience that they'll enjoy. Whether you need an entire landscape design or just a few simple colored accent lights, we have what it takes to set your commercial building apart from the rest!

When you partner with Certified Landscape Lighting, you'll receive:

  • Highly-advanced LED lighting products
  • Quality customer service from experienced and certified technicians
  • A lifetime warranty on any of the LED lights that we provide

To help you achieve the perfect lighting design and meet the specific needs of your property, we'll work with you to create a custom design plan to fit the exact specifications of your business. When you partner with us at Certified Lights, you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction with our products and services. And we offer a variety of different services and lighting options to suit our customers' every need. From colored accent lights to path lighting and even focal point lighting, we do it all! To schedule a design plan consultation, reach out to us at Certified Landscape Lighting today!

Businesses We Service

Homeowner’s Associations

When you run a homeowner’s association, it is your duty to help your community of properties to maintain a certain appeal. And with our colored accent lights or other LED lighting products, you can create a community of homes with fantastic lighting to add to the safety, enjoyment, and relaxation of everyone who lives there while also helping to maintain a beautiful, well-maintained neighborhood atmosphere.

Strip Malls

Strip malls provide an environment for customers to browse and shop and, with a customized lighting design from Certified Lights, you can enhance the enjoyment of both your business renters and the customers that choose to shop in their establishments. With our high-quality LED products, you can attract potential business owners who enjoy your lighting design while also adding greater enjoyment for existing renters.

Coffee Shops

Owning a coffee shop means you have a lot of customers craving a warm drink, but who also want an area where they can relax and unwind while enjoying the beverages and food that your establishment provides. With the help of one of our lighting technicians, you can create an LED lighting design plan to create a more relaxing and enjoyable setting for your customers while they visit your business.

Apartment Complexes

If you own an apartment complex, you understand the importance of your renters’ satisfaction. And the LED lighting products from us at Certified Lights can help draw more people in, while also providing enjoyment for the tenants already living within your complex. With colored accent lights, path lighting, and more, you can create an environment where your tenants will feel safe and find the enjoyment they're looking for!

Entertainment Centers

Whether you run a movie theatre or an arcade, as a business in the entertainment service, you must create and maintain an environment that your customers will keep coming back to. With professional LED lighting services, you can amplify your customers’ entertainment by providing them with a space they'll enjoy. To create a design you and your customers will love, reach out to the lighting professionals here at Certified Lights!

Hotels & Motels

While traveling, individuals and families often stop at hotels or motels to rest before reaching their final destination. And as a hotel owner, you know how important creating an inviting and safe setting is to attracting business. But with the proper LED lighting design, your hotel or motel can stand out among the rest. To start drawing in more customers, partner with Certified Lights for our professional lighting services!

How Certified Lights Helps Dallas-Fort Worth Businesses Thrive

No matter what industry your business is in, the most important factor is the satisfaction and appeal that your business provides your customers. Here at Certified Lights, we specialize in creating and customizing a professional lighting design to help your business attract more customers and help you thrive in your specific industry. At Certified Lights, we provide LED products to enhance safety, entertainment, and relaxation for your business property and help you bring in more business. And our team of professionals cares about your needs, which is why we will always do our absolute best to provide you with the quality lighting services and products that you and your business deserve!

Here at Certified Lights, we understand the benefits of saving energy and helping the environment, which is why all of our light designs are created with LED bulbs!

In addition to the benefits listed above, our LED lighting designs also:

  • Lower the cost of your energy bill
  • Distribute light more evenly and provide better focus
  • Are more energy-efficient and reduce the need for power plants
  • Contain non-toxic elements and leave a smaller carbon footprint than traditional lighting products

Here at Certified Lights, we want to help the businesses here in Dallas-Fort Worth thrive. In order to help meet that goal, we provide backlighting, perspective lighting, and everything in between. To learn what benefits partnering with us could have for your commercial property, contact the highly-trained lighting professionals here at Certified Lights!

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