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Why You Should Hire A Professional Landscape Lighting Contractor

March 08, 2019 - landscape lighting

Hiring a professional landscape lighting contractor is a no-brainer for homeowners. Professionals are up-to-date on the latest design concepts, lighting trends, and safety factors. Lighting for your home is more than just for looks. It can provide security and safety for you and your visitors, lighting walkways and stairs, and illuminating entryways. Selecting a professional such as Certified Lights can make sure your job is done efficiently with a design ethic that is appealing and functional.

Professional Design

Our team of professionals have years of experience and can quickly asses your home to design an appealing lighting design that takes your ideas into consideration. Much like hiring an interior designer, landscaping and lighting contractors are trained to look for the potential your property has and are up to date on current design trends. No one wants to finish a large project, only to find that their style choices are already outdated. A good contractor will be able to suggest design elements that you may not have heard of yet and keep you within your budget.


Even a good design can’t cover up rookie mistakes. Many homeowners take on projects that are too large for them. If this happens, don’t feel bad reaching out to someone with more experience! Mistakes happen, whether it’s incorrectly measuring, or buying the wrong type of bulbs, our professionals are here to help. They will also be able to identify which parts of your design plan may or may not work for your property. In the long run, hiring a professional can save you money and frustration.


Maintaining lights throughout the holiday season can be a drag; let us take care of the maintenance for you. Strong winds and weather have the potential to move or disconnect decorations, but our service plan includes keeping your property looking top notch until you’re ready for the next season. If a light goes out, give us a call! We guarantee that all lights will work for the entire season. When you’re ready to have them removed we’ll be there to safely and quickly remove and store your lights for next year.


Accidents happen even to professionals on the job, however, our Company has a $2,000,000 general liability policy that protects us, you, and your property. Installing lighting can often involve climbing to heights that make many people uncomfortable, but we have the tools and the training to get the job done safely. Our professional team is used to operating under all weather conditions, and we know when it’s safe to keep the project moving, whether it’s January or July. Each project that we take on involves working with a master electrician to ensure that all work done in your home meets strict safety measures. After the job has been completed, we’ll inspect all outlets, cords, lights, and timers to make sure everything has been installed correctly and is working condition for the season.

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