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Why Choose LED Lighting?

March 15, 2019 - landscape lighting

Lighting sets the mood for your outdoor space. In Texas, Certified Lighting is your expert in providing professionally installed LED lighting. We focus on the quality, durability and cost savings in utilizing LED lights in your landscape lighting project.


Like with any other product you bring into your home, quality matters. Over the last ten years, serious advancements have been made in the lighting industry. New technology means that LED bulbs produced now are of higher quality for lower costs than we have ever seen before. While it makes sense to do some basic market research, the evidence is clear: Incandescent and CFL lighting can’t hold a candle to LED lighting. Some of the reasons that many experts consider LED’s the future of lighting are that they’re more durable, more cost effective, and more environmentally friendly than any other technology on the market today. That's why investing in a professional lighting plan for your Dallas-Fort Worth home is so important!


One of the reasons that many professionals now recommend the use of LED lighting is that LED lightbulbs have a much longer lifespan than traditional fluorescent lightbulbs. LED lighting has come a long way since it first appeared on the market, and LED bulbs now have an average lifespan of 20,000 to 50,000 operating hours. This is a huge increase from CFL bulbs which on average burn out after about 2,000 hours of use. This means that to keep one lamp turned on for 25,000 hours, you would need to replace an Incandescent bulb 21 times and replace a CFL bulb 3 times. Longer lifespans mean less maintenance for you as well.


Switching to LED lighting doesn’t just save you time and hassle though, it can save you some serious cash. The longer lifespans of LED lightbulbs mean that the cost of operating them is significantly lower than the cost of running traditional lighting. When LED lights first began to gain popularity in the early 2000’s many people were made nervous by the high costs of individual bulbs. While they were told that it would be cheaper in the long run, the initial shock that came with switching over one’s entire house was intimidating. Since then, the costs associated with manufacturing LED bulbs have dropped. This has meant that the resale prices have dropped dramatically too, making LED lighting attainable for many people. In addition, some electric companies and other organizations have created subsidies to encourage people to make the switch, and now LED lightbulbs can be found in most grocery and home improvement stores.

Switching over to LED lightbulbs saves people money because they need to be replaced so infrequently. The use of higher-grade construction materials means that the bulbs are simply more durable than their predecessors. LED bulbs also cost less money per month to run than Incandescent or CFL lighting. For example, the cost of running one Incandescent bulb over the course of a 25,000 lifespan is about $200. A CFL bulb used for the same amount of time can cost about $50. The use of an LED for this time-frame beats both though, coming in at just under $40.

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