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Update Your Lighting Fixtures For Safety And Savings

May 15, 2019 - residential lighting

There are many things people can do in life to save money. Some people are willing to go to great lengths to do this. One example of this is extreme couponers who will, with a lot of effort and know-how, drop hundreds of dollars off of their food bill. For others, this is too much effort. Simply shopping for items that are on sale is enough saving for them. What if we told you there was a simple way to save money on your electricity bill, all while making your home shine? Don’t believe it’s possible? Here is how we would do it.

Downsides Of Traditional Lighting

Ever since Thomas Edison invented the first lightbulb, home lighting has never been the same. Of course, we do not still use his original patented light bulbs today, but it is no secret that the bulbs many people are using are out of date. Just think about how fragile the filament bulb on your nightstand is, all it takes is a jostle for it to break. Then if it does break, how long do you have to wait before you are able to replace that bulb without burning your fingers? Traditional lighting is fragile, too hot, and not cost effective at all.

Upsides To LED Lighting

With recent technology advancing as it has been, it is no wonder we finally found a more-than-superior replacement to traditional lighting in the form of LED. For one, LED bulbs are more durable as they do not require a burning filament to light up a room, this means they are not hot to the touch, even after being on for hours. In addition, LED lights can save money. A typical incandescent bulb costs $1.48 annually if only turned on for 30 minutes a day, compare that to LED that only costs 25 cents for that same amount of time. You can immediately see the savings.

Different Ways To Update Your Lighting and Why Choose Certified Lights For The Job

Not only are LED lights more cost effective than traditional bulbs, but they are also more versatile. If your dining area feels bleak and uninviting, we can make it feel lively and inviting. Whether you are looking to brighten up your patio, create a focal point out of cherished heirlooms, or just make your living areas feel more lively, we have lighting solutions for you. To set up a consultation to talk about lighting options for your home, give us a call today. The pros here at Certified Lights are ready and waiting to make your home shine.

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