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Spring Cleaning Tips From The Experts At Certified Lights

March 21, 2019 - spring cleaning

Now that winter has passed, Dallas homeowners are itching for spring and warmer temperatures to come around again. After all, spring is a season of new life. What could be more exciting than bright green leaves, fresh new flowers, and the sight of beautifully colored songbirds flying through the sky? Because our Texas temperatures will skyrocket as we head into summer—it’s best to get some much-needed spring cleaning done now.

What Makes Spring Cleaning Beneficial?

Many Dallas homeowners look forward to the prospect of spring cleaning after several months of letting clutter pile up over the winter season. Many even wait until spring arrives each year to do a deep cleaning. For any Dallas home, a regular, annual deep cleaning can provide needed stress relief, health benefits, and may even help you find items you thought you had lost. The reason spring cleaning may improve your health is that getting rid of old germs, removing mold or water damage from your property, and sanitizing areas that might be out of the way on a day-to-day basis can help reduce the chances that you or someone in your family catches an illness. It is also a time for new beginnings. And spring cleaning can brighten up a home in more ways than one!

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Dallas Home

Cleaning, dusting, improving, and redesigning your home are all ways you can choose to use the morale boost of spring to revamp your property. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’re looking for ways to begin your spring cleaning frenzy, consider starting with one of the following spring cleaning tips.

  • Start out with a plan. Consider getting a bulleted notebook to write down your cleaning ideas. Maybe start with all those fingerprints and smudges that have built up on your windows throughout the year.
  • Chase all those dust bunnies away. Move couches and other furniture away from walls or corners and sweep or vacuum to pick up the link, hair, crumbs, and other small things that may have accumulated over time.
  • Check your outdoor lighting for bulbs that are out.

When you deep clean your Dallas home this spring, making sure your outdoor environment remains well lit and capable of providing you with the enjoyment of your outdoor amenities is a must. With a proper lighting design plan, you can keep your Dallas property entertaining, safe, and beautifully lit. The professional lighting technicians here at Certified Lights use LED lighting designs and products to save you money on your energy bill—all while maintaining the same brightness and quality of light distribution! If a cleaner, more efficient home is what you’re looking to obtain this spring, consider contacting Certified Lights for your own customized outdoor LED lighting design plan!

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